What Is Clear Correct? How Does It Work?

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you could be a good candidate for Clear Correct, the orthodontic tool that can replace braces. Clear Correct clear aligners are cutting-edge dental products that can help align your teeth.

They’re subtle, easy to use, and have many benefits over braces. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, yourdentist in Beavercreek, OH can help you decide if Clear Correct aligners suit you.

What is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct aligners are made from a multi-layered rigid and flexible resin film. Clear Correct allows for a more precise fit than other clear aligners. These aligners have a durable outer shell and a low-porosity inner elastic layer.

How Does Clear Correct Work?

Clear Correct aligners come in a series, with each arch going a little further to correct your tooth alignment than the one you wore before. You’ll wear the first pair of arches for a period of time, then you’ll wear the pair of arches after the first pair has done its job, and you’ll keep switching out arches until your tooth alignment has reached the goal.

Who Benefits from Clear Correct?

You’re a good candidate for Clear Correct if you have mild to moderate tooth misalignment. You may require braces or other interventions if you have severe orthodontic needs. The best way to determine if Clear Correct is right for you is to see your dental professional.

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How Does Clear Correct Compare to Invisalign?

Clear aligners have exploded in the past few decades, with more brands coming onto the market at seemingly every turn. While all aligners generally offer the same benefits, there are a few key differences to note between them. If you’re considering Invisalign vs. Clear Correct in Beavercreek, OH, we’ll look at how you might decide on one or the other.

Clear Correct Is Less Expensive

Cost is usually the first thing that people note about Clear Correct. Because it can potentially be half the cost of Invisalign (and sometimes more than half), it’s a budget-friendly option for people with mild to moderate dental issues. Of course, it’s worth noting that both Clear Correct and Invisalign have different packages, and they may come to similar prices depending on which treatment you’re looking for.

Clear Correct May Be More Comfortable

Clear Correct is made from a type of plastic that’s thinner and lighter than Invisalign, so it may be more comfortable. In addition, it may also be more invisible than Invisalign (though both are clear and relatively difficult to spot). The only warning here is that Clear Correct may be more likely to break, so it’s important to treat the aligners gently when you’re using them.

Clear Aligners in Lakeview

There are plenty of choices when it comes to clear aligners, so it’s important to keep an eye out for what’s available. If you want to talk to an orthodontist in Lakeview, OH before you end up spending more than you wanted to on appliances that are difficult to use, contact the staff at Keep Smiling Dental for more information. Whether you’re looking for you or a loved one, we have two locations to help you find the best products on the market.