3 Easy-to-Miss Signs Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced

While many people opt fordentures in Beavercreek, OH, for smile restoration, it is also not uncommon for denture wearers to have complaints after years of wear. This can especially be the case with ill-made dentures or dentures made with lower-quality materials. If your dentures need to be replaced, the signs may not always be obvious. Take a look at these easy-to-miss signs that your dentures should be remade.

Having to Use Denture Adhesive More Often 

Denture adhesive is common among denture wearers. Even if dentures fit well, the adhesive can help the prosthetic teeth stay in place for longer and prevent minor shifting. However, if you notice you have to reapply denture adhesive more frequently, it is a sign that your dentures are not fitting properly.

Gum Sores or Soreness 

Dentures that cause persistent sore spots, irritation, or discomfort may be an indication of structural issues or changes in your oral tissues. This discomfort could be a signal that your dentures are no longer providing an optimal fit. Left unattended, gum irritation can heighten the risks of infections in the soft tissues of your mouth.

Difficulty Chewing or Speaking 

If you begin to experience difficulty with tasks like chewing or speaking, it may suggest that your dentures are not functioning as effectively as they should. You may feel the teeth shifting more when you chew than usual or moving in your mouth when you speak. Changes in fit or wear can impact their ability to perform these essential functions.

Discuss Denture Replacement with a Qualified Beavercreek Dentist 

High-quality, well-made dentures can last for years without issues. However, there may come a time when you need to work with aBeavercreek dentist to have them replaced. Contact Keep Smiling to discuss your denture issues.

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