Can a Veneer Be Placed on a Crown?

If you have an ailing tooth, adental crown in Beavercreek, OH, is the most highly recommended option. However, if you later decide to go with further cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile, certain questions can come up. One question in particular is whether veneers can be placed on dental crowns. Take a look at the answer, as well as a few extra considerations to remember below.

A Look at Veneers and Dental Crowns 

While veneers could technically be placed on a dental crown, the cosmetic procedure is typically not recommended. Veneers are designed to bond to the natural surface of tooth material and not dental crown material. Therefore, while a veneer could be placed on the front of a crown, the veneer may not be as stable or durable. However, there can be differences in the outcome depending on the type of crown and even the material used to make the veneers.

How Dental Crowns Are Treated When Veneers Are Installed on Other Teeth 

If you opt for veneers on your teeth, you may be advised to have the dental crown replaced to match your new veneers. If the dentist determines that veneer placement on the crown would not be a viable option, the best solution is to create a new crown that visibly matches the aesthetic appearance of the veneers. For example, if the veneers drastically change the size and shape of your other teeth, your crown could look out of place, too small, or misshapen without amendment.

Discuss Cosmetic Treatments with a Dentist in Beavercreek, OH 

When it comes to cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile, be sure to discuss all options at length with aBeavercreek dentist. Reach out to the Keep Smiling office to schedule a consultation to get started.

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